Dynamic and compelling presentations are at the core of R7 Media. We integrate the best practices of presentation
design utilized by the Fortune 500 to lift your message above and beyond all the noise out there.
The Eyes Have It 
We receive over 90% of our information visually.
Our compelling presentations take you beyond a
regular PowerPoint to capture and hold the room.
These elite companies won't risk their success on anything less.   Neither should you.
Mark Parker, CEO  Nike
Tim Cook, CEO  Apple
Elon Musk, CEO  Tesla
Discover the technique that will elevate all your future presentations to a new, higher level. It's a game changer.
What do great presentations have in common with acclaimed movies and television shows?
You might be surprised.
There’s a PowerPoint feature that will vastly improve your confidence when making a presentation. We'll show you.
The average adult attention span is 12 minutes, yet we sit for hours riveted to a film or television program. Why? Dynamic visual communication is the answer. Television is the most effective communication tool in the modern world. It's how we learn today. Your information, your case will now be presented with the same kind of visuals that educate global millions.
We Make Your Information Unforgettable...
...by employing the presentation design secrets of the most respected & innovative companies: