Good training is essential for company efficiency as well as the bottom line.
Your audience knows it's important too, but in this world of ever shortening
Wish your training session audiences were 
this glued to you?  Great PowerPoint slides will make all the difference.
Children watching puppet show, Paris 1963   Alfred Eisenstaedt
attention spans, it's easy for them to drift. Great slides will keep them 
focused on your material and allow better penetration.
Making your best even better
Under a special arrangement with ATD Los Angeles chapter,  R7 Media principal Brian Rooney will do a complimentary consultation with you to review your slides and help make them more compelling. When your excellent presentation skills are combined with dynamic visual content, your impact grows and so does your billing rate. This offer is only available to ATD members in the Los Angeles area for limited time.  
What are the five easiest ways to make your next presentation better? 
Dark backgrounds with light text 
While most of what we read everyday is black text on white, a presentation slide is illuminated by a very powerful bulb that pushes enormous glare off the screen back at the audience when a white background slide is used. With PowerPoint, dark backgrounds and light text is much easier to read.
Dynamic design 
When visuals appear and animate in unison with the speaker’s words, it holds your audience rapt. This technique has been used countless times in the best films, television programs, news reports and documentaries. The Fortune 500 uses dynamic design in their presentations because they know it works.
Dynamic bullet points 
These appear one at a time on cue and prevent the audience from reading ahead of where the speaker is. It’s human nature to read ahead on a slide of bullet points, but when that happens, audience attention wanes and they disengage because they already know what you’re going to say next.  Don’t let that happen.
Simple, clean layouts
A slide should complement the information being delivered by putting just the key words, graphics or stats on the screen. The best presentation slides are oftentimes sparse. 
Printed Information (a handout, workbook, etc.) can be full of graphics and small text - like an infographic, but should not be used as a presentation slide. 
PowerPoint's teleprompter mode
This displays the speaker’s notes on his or her laptop - notes that the audience can’t see on the big screen. This allows the speaker to present in a much more dynamic fashion very easily. 
Engage the real power of PowerPoint
If you're an internal trainer, these techniques will help get you noticed and display a whole new skill level your boss never thought you had. The Fortune 500 uses them the protect and grow their market share worth billions. They'll work for you too. 

If you're an external trainer, these best practices will help you rise above the average trainer and help you get that assignment or position you want. So many people use PowerPoint and so few use it well. Now is ​your time to shine!