R7 Media makes having a world class presentation easy. We'll walk
you through scripting, production and how to maximize the impact of 
your presentation to get the results you want.
We'll discuss your presentation / case, its complexity and the type of graphics needed to grab and hold the attention you want. If your central themes have not been determined, we'll offer assistance there too.
R7 Media
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Malibu, CA  90265
We'll put together a project summary for you with upfront pricing that takes the mystery out of the final cost. Our pre-set pricing allows excellent cost control and greater client satisfaction.
Compelling graphics are created that reinforce your message / case and your strategy, themes and key points. You'll communicate and influence at a more effective level.
Let's get started...
Whether you are presenting to two people or two million, one simple dictate applies -
your presentation must connect and compel.
That's the R7 Media specialty.