From Frankenstein to M*A*S*H, 
Elvis to Bogart, racing cars 
and crowds by the thousands - 
it all happened here.
L.A.'s Amazing
The "Three Magical Miles" may be the historically diverse area of Los Angeles. This fascinating look at a small area of the Malibu mountains covers a three-mile radius around Malibou Lake that is home to two historic movie ranches where hundreds of films were shot, the remnants of a 1950's race track and the horse ranch of a future President.  It's the only known community in California where a former general store, one-room schoolhouse and a post office dating from the 1920's still stand and remain in use today. Here, you can really touch the past!  
Two iconic locations still draw visitors from around the world: the outdoor M*A*S*H set where the TV series was filmed and the Rock Store, the legendary gathering spot for motorcycling enthusiasts from across the country and across the seas.
From the 1920's through the 1950's, thousands came here regularly to bathe in the therapeutic mineral waters at Seminole Hot Springs and paddle boats, picnic and dance the night away at Lake Enchanto - a precursor to Disneyland.
Remnants of a once-famous race track still exist. If you listen carefully, you can hear the roar of the engines. 5,000 acres of beautiful hills and trails where many films were shot by Fox and Paramount Studios are now open to the public and waiting for you to explore.
Historical Neighborhood!
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